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AHS Athletics 2022-2023

Eligibility, Tryout, and Sports Information

Thank you for your interest in playing sports at Ashford High School.  Please take a moment to read all of the information provided here to ensure that your athlete is eligible for tryouts, workouts, and practices/games.

Prior to ANY tryout, all athletes will be required to have a physical on file.   We were not able to go as a school, and recommendations are now for each athlete to get a physical on their own instead of large groups (such as the school).  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we have tried to make the process as simple as possible.

If you did not play a sport last year, you will need to get a new physical ASAP before any tryouts or workouts. 

If you played a sport at AHS last year, you must get your physical and upload it by June 30th.

We have reached out to our local doctor's offices to inquire about their procedures for physicals.  All fees will be depending on the provider and/or your insurance coverage.

  • ACOM Ashford Clinic-Providing physicals.  Must call for an appoinment. Call 334-899-3363 with any questions.
  • All South Urgent Care-Providing physicals at the East location only . Walk-ins only.  Call 334-340-2600 with any questions.
  • Dothan Pediatrics- Providing physicals to their patients. Call ahead.  If your child has not been seen in the last year, you will need to call and make an appoinment to be seen.  Call 334-793-1881 with any questions.
  • Southeastern Pediactrics-Providing physicals to their patients by appointment only.  Please call 334-794-8656 with any questions.
  • Any other medical facility you prefer may do your physicals as well.  We just contacted a couple of local offices to help with questions. 

Please make sure that when you go, the physical is signed by a doctor (MD or DO) only and is the "Revised 2018" form.  This is an AHSAA rule, not an AHS rule, and cannot be overruled.  You can find a blank copy of the correct form here if you would like to print a blank copy to take with you: Blank Physical Form.

All athletes need to fill out eligibility permission forms along with other forms in order to tryout/participate.  These forms are easily and electronically completed on  Please use the following instructions in order to fill out your athlete's required forms:

  • Current Athletes (Athletes who have participated on a team in the 2021-2022 School year ONLY)
    • Go to (or use the app) and use your already established login credentials to fill out paperwork for the 2022-2023 school year
    • DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  You already have an account from this past school year, we just need you to login and fill out the yearly paperwork.  If you cannot remember your user/password, please follow the links on their site to retrieve them.  AHS does not have a record of your usernames/passwords. If there is a section that is showing not completed, please complete it. 
    • You will upload your child's new physical in this portal as well.  The front page will be uploaded in "pre-participation physical evaluation form", and the back page (Where the doctor has signed) will bye uploaded in the "physical examination" section.
  • New Athletes (incoming 7th graders, or students who did not play a sport last school year)

2022-2023 Athletics Tryout/Workout Information





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